what to bring to a swimming lesson

There are essential and non essential items to bring to a swimming lesson, two essentials items would be swimwear and a towel.

The correct swimwear is important, speedo’s endurance + range is excellent for both male and female. Wearing long baggy shorts is not a great idea for beginners as this will create an enormous amount of drag and make it difficult to swim.

Incidentally wearing long baggy shorts can used as resistance training for the more competent swimmer. In terms of towels – speedo and decathlon have developed a microfiber towel which is compact, lightweight, quick-drying and has high absorption properties. They do not cost much and you will not be disappointed.

Alternatively outdoor robes can be purchased via www.couconoutdoor.com these are an excellent piece of kit for open water swimmers.

The non essential items in swimming is vast. In the early stages children do not necessarily require goggles however with adults learning to swim it is recommended. The goggles which I believe are the best on the market at the moment are zoggs predator flex. These can be purchased via Amazon. Please note antifog spray is also a good investment to ensure your goggles do not steam up!

Swimming caps are another non essential item, however some swimming pools and swim schools do insist on the use of a swim cap. These are more necessary for individuals with long hair. They are either made from latex, silicone or polyester. My personal preference is silicone.
Poolside shoes maybe something that you wish to consider for the walk from the changing room to the pool. Recommendation – Crocs.

I would also recommend bringing a water bottle poolside as learning to swim involves exercise and it’s important to keep well hydrated, take regular sips throughout your lesson.

Finally for the more advanced swimmers there are a number of training aids that can be purchased, these include paddles, fins, snorkel, pull buoy, kickboard (can also be used by beginners) and a lapcounter watch. A popular lapcounter watch is the poolmate pro which measures laps, distance, time, calories and efficiency. You can also download all your information onto a PC to track your progress. A good investment for the serious swimmer.