This all starts with a call to better understand your current ability and what you are wanting to achieve, after which a trial lesson will be arranged to assess whether we are a good match. If this has been successful you will then have the choice of 2 options.

Option 1- A block of 10 lessons.

Option 2 – A block of 20 lessons.

For beginners – The first number of lessons are designed to get you comfortable with blowing into the water through your nose, mouth and holding your breath. If this has been comfortably achieved we will then work on floating in different positions while managing your breath in the various ways mentioned. After this we will work on kicking, side kicking and kicking on the back. This would now be point where the arms are introduced in order to propel you forward. Once your arm movement is correct we will add breathing and then timing.

For intermediate level swimmers – we will briefly look at the first few steps mentioned above before going into more specific details of the stroke. i.e. How does your hand enter the water? where does your hand enter the water in relation to your head? is your hand flat or pitched when it enters the water? where do you begin the catch? do you apply force in the catch? What position is your arm in during the pull and push phase? etc


TERMS & CONDITIONS 2021 (Adult Swimming Lessons).

  1. Office hours are 8am-8pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm.
  2. Communication is to be done by email or WhatsApp only – in respect to scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations and other inquiries. (If I request an email this is to keep a track of things so there is no misunderstanding).
  3. Cancellation policy – 48 hours notice is required with no exceptions, within this time frame a full charge will be applied because it does not allow enough time to fill the now vacant slot.
  4. Rescheduling – If you need to do so then this is fine provided the 48 hours notice is given and the schedule allows it.
  5. I will confirm a cancellation/reschedule as soon as I see it.
  6. If you turn up late the lesson will be reduced to match the time slot allocated.
  7. If you are 20 mins late then the lesson will be considered as missed will full charge.
  8. Payments are to be made at time of booking or in cash on the day, alternatively a payment link can be sent should you require it to pay via debit card.
  9. We operate a no refund policy, should you for health reasons need to cancel lessons – then provided a doctors note is given within the time frame for which the lessons need to be used then will be award you swim credits for the equivalent amount.
  10. There is no guarantee in relation to your progress, as there is too many factors that determine the time it takes to learn to swim.
  11. Proswimming UK Ltd reserves the right to change or amend these terms at any time.