About Us

My name is Steven Boyle and I have been involved in swimming for over 20 years, I competed at a national level in Northern Ireland, played water polo throughout University and currently have around 10,000 hours teaching experience. I have 8 professional swimming qualifications which include teaching, coaching and lifesaving. In 2017 I raced 9 open water swimming events, 3 of which were over the 10k distance with my best performance being 2hr: 23min at the Jubilee 10k. I have competed in many triathlons ranging from sprint distance, olympic distance and half Ironman. Furthermore I completed an English Channel relay swim on the 20th Of August 2018 in 12 hrs 45 mins and in the winter swimming World Cup in Skellefte in February 2019.

Ellen is originally from Sweden and competes in triathlon and open water swimming events. She has competed in sprint, Olympic distance and half Ironman triathlons.


She took a bronze medal in the half Ironman distance British championships in 2017 and is due to compete at Ironman Wales in 2018. She has also competed in multiple 5k and 10k distance open water swimming events. She is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer, CYQ qualified in strength training for triathletes and was a former professional contemporary dancer training out of Salzburg, Austria. Consequently her knowledge of movement is of the highest level and thus she has a particular interest in the details regarding the technical aspects of swimming.

Today, we offer a range of easy paced learning options to include the following categories; pre-school kids, school going children, young adults and senior citizens. Proswimming UK follows the STA international learn to swim programme for each category of learner.

Personalised swimming lessons

Best of all, our personalized care and attention helps learners adapt quickly to our teaching methodology. London is a city on the move and time comes at a premium for most. Keeping that in mind, the options for lesson duration are 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour. We also offer 5-Day and 10-Day crash courses where swimming can be picked up more rapidly.

For someone who is an active competitor in open water races and a half-ironman participant, I understand the rigours of training for competitive sport. Our specially designed stroke clinics address the finer aspects of technique for triathletes.
Proswimming UK is the perfect choice for learners/early improvers and advanced level swimmers where swimming is taught professionally. Contact us for further enquiries.

My professional swimming qualifications

STA Level 1 in Pool Emergency Procedures.
STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching.
STA Level 2 Professional Certificate in Swimming Teaching.
STA Level 2 Award in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre School.

ASA Level 1 Award in Swimming Coaching.
ASA Level 2 Award in Swimming Coaching.
National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches.
CPD in Improving Butterfly and Breaststroke.