Adult swimming

We offer adult swimming lessons on a one to one basis, these are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minute duration.
swimming lessons at home

How many lessons?

The number ranges from person to person, expect to receive somewhere between five and twenty lessons.

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We deliver adult swimming lessons in the London Bridge area. These will be delivered by Steven or Ellen.

Proswimming UK

We offer private and professional adult swimming lessons in London.
We take each learner through the STA International learn to swim programme that works progressively to mastering the 4 strokes. We understand that each learner is unique in their ability to adopt the finer points of swimming and therefore, we remain friendly and patient as the learner loses their fear of the water and progresses to becoming a competent swimmer.

Lady swimming coach by the pool side

Swimming is my life’s work! I have been involved in swimming for over 20 years. I am STA Level 1 and 2 qualified in swimming teaching and ASA Level 1and 2 qualified in swimming coaching.

Our Lessons

  • Adult Swimming Lessons for Beginners
  • Adult Swimming Lessons for early improvers
  • Adult swimming lessons for intermediate level swimmers.


  • Monday – Friday – 9am – 4:30pm
  • Saturday – 9am – 5pm – Home swimming only.
  • Sunday – 9am – 5pm – Home swimming only.

Our Philosophy

At Proswimming UK getting you comfortable in the water while using correct technique is at the core of what we do.

Home swimming lessons

If you have access to a private pool then you may be interested in receiving a swimming lesson in the comfort of your own home in any of the following locations: Knightsbridge, Mayfair, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Kensington, Hampstead, Islington, Belgravia, Chelsea, Sloane Square, Surrey or Essex.


What do I bring along?

Besides your strong desire to learn, your preferred swim wear including swimming goggles and a swimming cap will do just fine. Ear plugs and nose clip will help however it is best to learn without. The important thing is to get started.


How long does it take to learn front crawl?

The length of time it takes to teach someone how to swim is completely different from one individual to the next. As a general rule of thumb, children learn over a number of years and the industry standard for teaching an adult to swim one length front-crawl with breathing is 20 hours of teaching.


How do I swim faster?

From a technical perspective the real gains are to be made in the stroke. In front-crawl the legs play a part in propulsion but their main purpose is for balance. So the arms play a significant role in answering the question how do I swim faster? The stroke is composed of 5 parts, the entry, catch, pull, push and recovery. The pull and push phases are very important if you want to swim faster. Furthermore the benefit of pushing back against the water with a bent arm is simple. You are stronger!